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What are benefits of our program?

The SafariKid Way...

At Safari Kid, we aim for the all round development of every child. Our program is designed to accomplish specific developmental goals.

Our specific developmental goals for each child are:

  • Cognitive abilities: Our structured approach to educating each child develops and enhances memory, problem solving, logical thinking, math and reading skills, laying a sound foundation for future academic achievement.

  • Language and Communication: Our program stresses on acquiring and developing language skills (written and spoken) at a pace that each child is comfortable with. Through a variety of methods,we enable children to develop strong communication skills, enabling them to interact appropriately with adults and peers.

  • Motor Skills: The early years are critical for development of fine and gross motor skills of the child. Through play, self-directed learning, motor skill enhancing toys and activities, we develop and hone these skills.

  • Imagination and Creativity: Imagination and creativity are enhanced and developed by effective use of stories, art and craft exercises, projects, self directed story telling and learning, role play and several other techniques.

  • Social and Emotional Development: A fun, healthy, safe and nurturing environment is critical for the development of the child. At Safari Kid, we go to great lengths to create the conditions that allow for healthy social and emotional development.










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