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Welcome to Safari Kid Walnut Creek,

Dear parents, we bring the Safari Kid to Walnut Creek. Our philosophy and vision is that each child is unique and we strive to create better human beings. We are very aware that these children are our future leaders and citizens and we want to empower them to create a better world.A Safari Kid is a child who has learned to be a better huuman being with balanced cognitive, leadership and social skills along with academic and extra curricular development in a holistic manner.The first five years of a child's life lay the foundation for the rest of his or her life. Neurological research in the last decade has emphatically concluded that the human brain is at its most plastic in the first five years, and skills learned and developed in these years enable further learning. At the same time, areas of the brain not developed in the first five years lose some of their plasticity, making it that much harder to pick up new skills later on.

With over 10 years of experience, Safari Kid program for early childhood development is based on the foundation that:

  • Children have an immense capacity for learning.  Core cognitive, social, physical, emotional and creative abilities of children develop, accelerate and strengthen. Safari Kid provides the right learning environment, combined with right teaching methods

  • The right early childhood education fosters a lifelong love for learning, exploring, creating, imagining and stretching the boundaries of what is possible.

  •  The development process of each child is different, and our customized, one on one early childhood education program takes cognizance of these differences, and adapts to the specific needs of the individual.

  • All round development of the child is essential and all the needs for such a development are met at our center.










Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy carries over to our enriching and vibrant After School Programs, as well. Our personalized and customized curriculum and instruction, metes out the best instruction and our methodologies enhances the child's academic strengths and improves on their weaknesses. Safari Kid provides ample opportunities to explore extra-curricular activities from chess to computers to dance and so much more. Quality education is provided in multiple domains. This perpetuates  an all round development and enrichment of your child's development in a fun and nurturing environment.










Our History

Shy (Miss Shy to all our kids and teachers) has been involved in the education sector since her college days in Mumbai. After moving to California in 1999, she maintained relentless focus in educating of children - as a math tutor, swimming instructor, dance instructor and fashion show coordinator. She later founded Safari Kid for pre-school and after-school students in a modest location in Newark with 5 children. Since then, through sheer energy, will power and leadership she grew this to 15 locations, maintaining the highest standards for the program. Through all this growth, Ms. Shy has been like a best friend to all her teachers/directors and her kids. Ms. Shy is also active in local community service through her non-profit organization. Shy has a Bachelor of Commerce as well as a LLB (Bachelor of Law) from India.










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